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Dr. Carrie Kaiser has worked in healthcare since 1994, focused in naturopathic medicine since 2001. She attended medical school in Portland, Oregon at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine.  She is Board Certified by the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners and is currently licensed by the state of California as a primary care physician. She also holds a Masters in Theology with a concentration in medical ethics.

Dr. Kaiser believes that central to an effective treatment plan is relationship and education.  She places great value on getting to know her patients on many levels because she believes that treatment plans must be tailored for each individual in order to honor and respect their unique situation.  Getting to know her patients also allows her to address many layers of being, rather than only the physical.  Dr. Kaiser embraces her role as educator because she believes that knowledge is power and when we know better, we do better, we feel better.  Learning is a lifelong process.Her diverse clinical experience includes digestive dysfunction, anxiety, depression and neurodegenerative disorders.  While trained in a broad spectrum of modalities, her primary tools are clinical nutrition, botanical medicine and counseling.  She has had considerable success working with a wide variety of people to implement very important, while at times difficult lifestyle changes in the interest of improving their overall well-being.

Today, after serving patients in a fast-growing practice in Fresno, California, she brings what she has learned in all those places to south-central Wisconsin. Dr. Carrie is a lifelong learner with a heart for healing, and looks forward to working with her patients of all ages and backgrounds to help them reach their fullest expressions of health. 

You can expect your visits with her to be about you and your concerns, mind, body and spirit. To make an appointment, please contact the clinic. She looks forward to meeting you! 

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